Athlete close up

There’s no second place

A split second can make all the difference in sport and FX.

How we work

The essence of our service is personal.

When you qualify for membership with us you join an exclusive group of people who have already proved they are the best – and they expect the best.

To meet these expectations we have developed an unrivalled currency strategy that gives each individual financial security and a position of advantage. This is a highly efficient bespoke service where our expertise in the currency markets delivers guaranteed benefits for each of our Elite clients.


Seize the opportunity

Our unique offer is to use the techniques and specialist market access that are more frequently the hallmarks of international banking and apply them to individual accounts.

As a private member with Elite FX you can be sure of future-proofing your assets.


No fees

Elite FX charges no fees for its specialist service. We are open and transparent with the way we work which is to take a modest spread on top of the selling or buying transaction price. A key feature is that any price we achieve on your behalf will already be safe from any risk of disadvantageous fluctuation.