Male athlete close up

Peak performance

You push yourself to the limit. We’ll do the same with your FX.

Stay one step ahead

Elite FX is an established currency consultancy that supports business leaders and star athletes from all sports on how best to protect their money from any potential negative movements in the foreign exchange market.

We are based in the rural suburb of Richmond in south-west London, home to many of the UK’s wealthy individuals.


Advantage you

Clients, who we like to think of as members, join us by invitation.

They are characterised by personal success and high earnings and frequently need to move assets or repatriate foreign currency.

Our strategies are designed to grow an individual’s wealth while removing the risk of adverse impact on investments and transactions.

An elite team

Our hand-picked team of specialists is led by CEO Stuart Holmes who has extensive financial experience.

He worked for 14 years at AFEX as global sales director and general manager of EMEA. Stuart oversaw the growth of the business from the original London team to a network of 21 offices globally with nearly 700 staff and a turnover of $24bn.

Stuart is a dedicated rugby supporter and it was this passion and the contacts he made within the sport that led to the creation of the Elite FX brand.