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Wherever your career takes you, keep your FX at the top of its game.

Our Strategy

The central feature of the Elite FX service is hedging. This is a method of using forward contracts to build safeguards into every individual’s finances so that all our members are ring fenced from currency fluctuations that could otherwise prove costly. At the same time we allow our clients to choose what they feel is a comfortable proportion of their wealth that should be hedged in order to retain flexibility and create the opportunity to take advantage when markets move in an individual’s favour.

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Personal relationship

We are proud that we have developed strong personal relationships with our members whose financial strategy and lifestyle objectives are shaped at the first planning meeting with our CEO Stuart Holmes. Day to day analysis of the currency markets comes from our dedicated currency experts. And those members who wish to be hands-on with their money are given access to our active platform so they can follow the markets and engage directly with online and telephone trading.